MoreShow Agency specialize in curating unforgettable children's parties featuring beloved characters and captivating show programs in Dubai and across the globe. Their expertise extends to a wide array of occasions, including birthday celebrations, themed parties, immersive quests, and enchanting events tailored for both children and family gatherings.

Project in Figures

Conversions in 1 year: 4546

Marketing qualified leads: >73.82%

Cost per lead: $21.85

The Challenge

The company was facing a common challenge – generating qualified leads. While they were generating a substantial number of leads through their website, the conversion rates from leads to customers were disappointingly low. Adding complexity was the higher average check that was offered to potential clients. The company sought to increase the quality of leads and improve the conversion process to drive revenue growth.

The Strategy

Zen Republic began by segmenting the target audience for Google and Facebook ads based on factors such as demographics, interests, and online behavior. This allowed for more personalized ad campaigns that resonated with specific customer segments on both platforms.

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the conversion funnels for both Google and Facebook ads, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. In partnership we streamlined the user journey by eliminating unnecessary steps and distractions, ensuring a smoother path to conversion on both platforms.

The ad creatives for both Google and Facebook were revamped to align more closely with the target audience’s interests and preferences. This involved highlighting MoreShow’s unique value propositions and crafting compelling ad copy and visuals that were tailored to each platform’s audience.

Zen Republic optimized the landing pages associated with both Google and Facebook ad campaigns to provide a better user experience and a more straightforward but qualified conversion process. We added complexity to the form submission process by implementing a quiz. This assisted the sales team in pre-qualifying incoming leads and responding more promptly to warm prospects.

As ongoing step we implemented A/B testing for ad elements such as headlines, call-to-action buttons, and images on both Google and Facebook. Continuous testing allowed for data-driven decisions to further refine the conversion processes on both platforms.

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