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As the demand for online education grows globally, online universities are faced with the challenge of not only standing out in a crowded digital space but also strategically attracting qualified candidates for doctorate and postdoctorate programs. This case study delves into the journey of a digital marketing agency partnering with a worldwide online university, focusing on crafting a comprehensive strategy to drive enrollments while addressing the unique challenges of the learning framework.

Project Details

Skills Needed:


Project in Figures

Unique Leads: 2x

Ad budget: >$20,000

Cost per lead: $30

The Challenge

Platform and Country Selection Dilemma:
The challenge of choosing the best-performing platforms and countries to accelerate enrollments was met by conducting thorough testing and analysis. The agency identified the platforms that resonated most with the target audience and strategically selected countries with high potential for enrollment.

Cost-Value Balance in Student Onboarding:
Recognizing that not all students complete their studies, the agency implemented cost-effective onboarding strategies while ensuring a positive lifetime value. This delicate balance involved optimizing the cost per acquisition while providing a high-quality learning experience to encourage program completion.

The Strategy

Google Ads Campaign
The Google Ads campaign was meticulously designed to target prospective students interested in advanced professional degrees. Keyword selection, ad copy, and extensions were tailored to highlight the unique features and benefits of doctorate and postdoctorate programs. Optimization for global reach ensured that the university’s programs reached potential candidates worldwide.

Facebook Ads Campaign
On Facebook, the strategy involved precise audience targeting, emphasizing the prestige and professionalism of the online university’s advanced degrees. Visual content played a vital role, with A/B testing helping identify the most effective creatives. The goal was to create visually compelling ads that resonate with professionals seeking to further their education.

Exploring Multiple Platforms
Moreover we expanded its reach beyond the traditional platforms, exploring DV360, Propeller Ads, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Each platform was approached with a unique strategy, recognizing the diverse user demographics and behaviors. Testing on multiple platforms allowed for a nuanced understanding of where the target audience engaged most effectively.

Setting Up In-Depth Reporting for Strategic Insights
A robust reporting system was implemented, incorporating advanced analytics tools for real-time monitoring and analysis of campaign performance. Key performance indicators (KPIs) were identified to track and measure the success of enrollment campaigns. This data-driven approach provided valuable insights for continuous optimization.

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