What is PPC?

Also commonly referred to as local pay-per-click, Local PPC is a digital marketing strategy designed to target potential customers in the areas where the business operates and who have recently shown interest in the products or services.

One aspect that distinguishes it from conventional PPC campaigns is that local PPC campaigns target customers in specific areas. It does not randomly cast a net out hoping to draw in customers.

This is one of the primary reasons why PPC marketing is more effective in generating leads than other digital marketing strategies.
Now that you know what is local PPC marketing, let’s shift gears and discuss how it works and why you need local PPC management services.

How To Increase Sales By Running Local PPC Campaign?

Have you ever wondered why top brands continue to generate sales while small brands struggle to get a firm footing?

It seems like they always get the audience and product/service offering right. Well, that’s true but to be successful and consistently attract customers, they use modern digital marketing strategies.

One such strategy that has been proven effective in helping small businesses scale up is local PPC marketing. Recent reports show that a well-structured PPC campaign can hit up to a 200% ROI and PPC traffic generates 50% more sales than organic advertising.

Based on these statistics, it’s not difficult to see why brands are now willing to spend thousands of dollars on local PPC campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook and search engines like Google.

Let’s dive in and look at the nitty-gritty details of running a successful local business PPC campaign.

Advantages of Local PPC Advertising

Competition for visibility online is cutthroat. You need robust branding and advertising strategies to get a firm footing and consistently generate revenue.

Local PPC advertising has proven to be the more cost-effective and reliable way of generating leads.

Here are five advantages of investing in a local PPC marketing campaign.

Local Business PPC Management: How to Get Started

There are two ways to start a local PPC campaign, namely:

How Effective is Geo-Targeting?

Geo-targeted advertising is a strategy PPC agencies use to help brands generate more sales through ad targeting. It focuses on users looking for information about your brand using specific keywords in your geographic area.

Compared to other generalized PPC campaigns, geo-targeting advertising generates more leads and sales.

Here’s why geo-targeting is effective in generating qualified leads and sales.

How Examples of Successful Geo-Targeting Advertising Campaigns

A local plumber can use geo-targeting to focus on users searching for “emergency plumbing repairs” within a zip code. This ensures that their ad reaches individuals actively seeking such services, increasing the likelihood of customers seeing it to book service calls.

A local bakery could use geo-targeting advertising to reach users searching for “birthday cakes, near me” during birthday seasons. This focused strategy enables them to take advantage of the high demand for cakes during these periods, thereby increasing orders.

How Do Ads Know My Location?

Have you ever wondered how local business ads magically appear when you search for a product/service/ or information related to them online?

The answer lies in a combination of technologies used by local PPC agencies and advertising platforms to know your location and deliver highly relevant and targeted ads.

Here’s a breakdown of how ads know your location.

How Does Geofence Advertising Work?

First, most people use geofencing and geo-targeting advertising interchangeably. Even though the two terms refer to location-based marketing, their level of specificity and approach are different.

Here is a table to give you a better idea of the difference between geofencing and geo-targeting.

Feature Geo-Targeting Geo-Fencing
Scope Broader (city, region, country) Highly Specific (defined virtual boundary)
Location Data IP address, zip code GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID
Targeting Accuracy Less precise Highly precise
Use Cases Broad brand awareness, targeting demographics in a specific area Drive foot traffic to physical locations, deliver hyper-relevant ads based on real-time location

Let’s now shift gears and discuss how geofencing advertising works. For starters, local business PPC management agencies use location-based technology to target specific segments of customers with ads based on their physical location.

Here are the four steps used to set up a geofencing advertising campaign.

5 Common Types of Local PPC Ads Used By Businesses

You can spice up your local PPC advertising campaign by using different ads, namely:

We recommend experimenting with different ads on different audiences and monitoring the results to know which ones suit your business. Be open to tweaking the design and ad copy to get more results.

Which Is The Best Advertising Strategy For Local Businesses?

We spent the last six months researching the effectiveness of local PPC advertising in helping small local businesses get more sales and visibility online.

Our analysis shows that local PPC advertising is the most efficient and cost-effective advertising strategy for small businesses.

We based our recommendation on the following reasons.

Finally, consider hiring a Local PPC business management service provider to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign. Also, do not overlook the impact of geo-targeting and geofencing as they broaden your reach and engage customers who have yet to search for your products/services, but are most likely interested.

It’s time to regain the ground you lost to competitors and grow your business to its full potential. Contact us today for professional local PPC services and local PPC business management services.

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