HRT TRT center

An Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) clinic, pioneering in telemedicine, specializes in comprehensive care, offering services such as testosterone injections, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and innovative solutions like semaglutide for obesity. With a focus on holistic wellness, the clinic extends support for personalized weight loss programs, ensuring tailored treatments for optimal health and vitality.

Project Details

Project in Figures

Revenue: $127,706

ROMI: >216%

Cost per lead: $20,6

The Challenge

The ChallengeIn the fiercely competitive realm of specialty medical clinics, HRT center faced a challenge: to rapidly boost patient volume and expand their clinic. Despite running newspaper ads, attending events, and implementing SEO, they realized the need for a substantial increase in appointments. Frustrated with low-quality leads, Randy, the driving force behind the clinic, recognized the urgency in adopting a lead generation program. The objective was clear: reach local male prospects, convert them into appointments, and pave the way for the clinic’s swift expansion to additional locations.

The Strategy

To promptly attract Appointment-Ready prospects, our strategy commenced with a targeted paid search initiative on Google. This approach honed in on individuals actively seeking hormonal To swiftly attract Appointment-Ready prospects, our strategy began with a targeted paid search initiative on Google, tailored for those actively seeking hormonal therapy, testosterone injections, and weight loss services. Zen Republic Agency adeptly identified contextual audiences on Facebook, ensuring engagement with high-intent leads.

Given the medical context, Google remarketing was unfeasible, underlining the need for immediate engagement. Crafting a compelling offer, text, and landing page became pivotal.

Facebook presented hurdles, with our client’s page blocked thrice under the previous agency, prompting a comprehensive overhaul. This included creating a new page, developing content, setting up a new advertising account, and designing concise banners adhering to Facebook’s policies.

Zen Republic Agency not only formulated a robust digital strategy but also introduced an enhanced conversion strategy uploaded to Google Ads. This involved generating leads through a synergistic approach of SEO, PPC, and paid social campaigns, specialized in BHRT and addressing low T. We ensured potential clients were effectively reached, optimizing the effectiveness of ad spend. With a profound understanding of this industry, we guided clients in maximizing their monthly advertising budget.

Moreover, we employed CRM metrics for in-depth reporting, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of campaign performance and allowing strategic adjustments. Additionally, we implemented a sophisticated call tracking system, leveraging CallRail, to analyze call flow and define the quality of incoming leads. This meticulous approach further enhanced our ability to refine the campaign for maximum impact and ROI.

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