With over a decade of experience, A Factory of Architectural Forms (FAF) is a renowned company specializing in the creation of artificial topiary figures and foam sculptures. They employ cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly materials to craft our exceptional products.

Project in Figures

Clicks: 35,902

ROI: 706.82%

Average Cost per Lead: EUR 10

The Challenge

A landscape figures manufacturing company had recently expanded its production to a new location. They were eager to attract new customers and increase their total number of orders. They had a well-established website and a range of inventory ready for sale. Their primary challenge was to find effective ways to create demand while swiftly achieving a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

The Strategy

Zen Republic team conducted a comprehensive market analysis to identify growth opportunities and assess demand levels. Despite a relatively low number of competitors in the market, they observed a scarcity of direct demand occurrences in search results.

To address this challenge, we employed audience research and leveraged their extensive digital marketing expertise to pinpoint key moments when they could intersect with their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This approach involved expanding their paid media initiatives to reach potential customers earlier in the sales funnel.

Zen Republic’s strategy included developing compelling social media content that weaved the brand’s narrative with their product stories. This content aimed to create desire and emotional engagement among their target audience, drawing them into the brand’s world.

Additionally, our team used a multi-faceted approach to paid media. They implemented Google Ads with carefully chosen near-target keywords, given the limited direct demand in the market. Simultaneously, Facebook and LinkedIn ads were leveraged to reach and engage with a more diverse set of potential customers.

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