Cross-Channel Case Study

Building a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy for Online Pastry Course

Landbox is a fast-growing e-learning platform that offers a wide range of courses designed specifically for confectioners and individuals interested in starting their own confectionery business. With a goal to reach a broader audience and increase course enrollments, Landbox sought the expertise of our digital marketing agency to develop and execute a results-oriented strategy.
Landbox Online Pastry School Case

Channels + Services

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Paid Search
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The Challenge
The Landbox project faces multifaceted challenges tied to its ambitious goals and objectives. Elevating brand awareness in a niche market of aspiring confectioners and entrepreneurs demands targeted strategies to stand out. The pivotal task involves not only generating leads but ensuring their quality to enhance the conversion potential of course enrollments. Nurturing prospects throughout the customer journey, from initial awareness to eventual conversion, requires a seamless and engaging experience. Simultaneously, optimizing upsell opportunities becomes integral for maximizing customer lifetime value, necessitating strategic initiatives at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel.

The Strategy

Top of the Funnel - Awareness:
Comprehensive Keyword Research: We conducted extensive research to identify relevant keywords and topics within the confectionery industry. This allowed us to create targeted and engaging content that would attract the attention of the target audience.
Google Ads Campaigns: Leveraging search and display ads, we targeted specific keywords and placements to reach potential learners at the awareness stage. Compelling ad copy and eye-catching visuals were used to spark interest and drive website traffic.
Facebook Ads: Through carefully crafted ad campaigns, we reached a wider audience on Facebook, utilizing demographic targeting and interest-based audience segmentation to increase brand exposure.

Middle of the Funnel - Consideration and Remarketing:
Custom Audiences: We implemented Facebook Pixel and Google remarketing tags to capture website visitors and create custom audiences for remarketing campaigns. This allowed us to re-engage potential learners who had shown interest in specific courses or pages.
Remarketing Ads: Tailored ad campaigns were deployed across Google and Facebook, showcasing relevant courses and offering incentives to encourage learners to take the next step. Dynamic remarketing ads personalized the experience based on the courses viewed, further enhancing engagement.

Bottom of the Funnel - Upsell:
Email Marketing: We developed a nurturing email campaign to guide leads through the conversion process. By providing valuable content, exclusive offers, and personalized recommendations, we created a sense of trust and urgency to upsell learners to advanced courses or additional services.
Marketing Automation: Leveraging marketing automation tools, we delivered targeted emails triggered by specific user actions, such as course completion or abandoned cart. This allowed us to provide timely and relevant communication to drive conversions and increase customer retention.

The Results
Budget Spent
50,000 $
Brand Visibility

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