Google Ads Management Prices

Our Studio Prices
Our monthly memberships will be the best value for your money and offer some additional benefits
Best for small local companies
  • ClickUp to Our Support Team
  • 1 Initial Strategy Call
  • One Channel Management (Google or Facebook)
  • Upgrade Plan at anytime
$400 + $200 One Time Onboarding Fee
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Best for startups and medium business
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 1-2 Strategy Call per Month
  • Marketing Mix (Google/Facebook/LinkedIn)
  • Upgrade / Downgrade Plan at anytime
$1000 + $200 One Time Onboarding Fee
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Best for large or national companies
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Up to 4 Strategy Calls per Month
  • Marketing Mix (Google/Facebook/LinkedIn)
  • Upgrade / Downgrade Plan at anytime
$1500 + $200 One Time Onboarding Fee
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All Zen Republic Service Plans Include:
  • Expert Google Ads Setup: comprehensive Google Ads account setup, precise keyword research, professional ad copywriting, ad extensions implementation, integration of our refined negative keyword list from over years of experience

  • Continuous Optimization by Our Expert Team: adjusting keyword bids, effective bid management strategies, keyword matching enhancements, proactive management of negative keywords, reviewing search terms for new keywords and negatives, mobile/desktop ratio optimization and bid adjustments, geo-targeting refinements, ad extension optimizations, A/B testing for higher ad response rates

  • Monthly Reporting Delivered on the Second of Every Month

  • Daily monitoring and performance analysis
Strategy Meeting
At your Initial Strategy Meeting, we'll delve into our findings within your Ad accounts or team recommendations, conduct a comprehensive landing page review, present an overview of your chosen Service Level Plan, and engage in a discussion about your campaign goals and strategy. If you're satisfied with the plan, we'll provide payment details to initiate the process.
During our meeting, we'll assist you in choosing the right service level plan, gather essential information, and gain access to your Google Ads account for auditing, if available. We'll then conduct a thorough audit, discuss the most suitable campaign types for your needs, and address any questions you might have.
Internal Meeting
We will assess your existing setup or assist in creating new ones, with a preference for utilizing GTM as a central platform to manage all code. Conversion codes are crucial for tracking metrics such as phone calls, form submissions, and purchases originating from your Google Ads account.
Individual Approach
After Signing Up: What's Next?
Our Onboarding Processes

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